• Expertise

    Théodule Noirot,

    A brilliant, philanthropic liqueur maker

    The quintessence of plants, flowers and fruit, NOIROT aromatic extracts were born from the passion of one man, Théodule Noirot.

    He was a brilliant botanist, who, from his earliest childhood, endeavoured to create a herbarium, the start of the precious collection of recipes. To this day, the famous grimoire, which was acquired by ANTESITE in 1990, reflects his expertise in extraction and aromatization.
    He studied the gathering of plants in close detail, together with their drying and preservation in order to distil the many qualities and flavours. Drawing inspiration from the secrets of rural cooks and the expertise of monks in producing liqueurs, this outstanding inventor found the right dosage and methods to create extracts.
    In 1890, his taste for liqueurs, together with his scientific curiosity and intuitions, naturally led him to found a factory in Nancy dedicated to maceration and distillation.

    Constantly developing and seeking quality, NOIROT has since been continually adapting its products to the desires of consumers. This unique, avant-garde savoir-faire in plant extraction was then merged into the ANTESITE company by the visionary Denis Quattrocchi, who spotted the complimentary nature of the two brand names.

    The extraction and aromatisation mastered by ANTESITE-NOIROT led it to launch an innovative range of flavoured wines onto the alcohol market in 2011.
    This proved to be a resounding success, with nearly 700,000 bottles sold in the first year.

    History was on the move. During the following years, the creative spirit of ANTESITE-NOIROT took a fresh look at the entire NOIROT range to promote the brand and each flavour via modern, minimalist, stylish and atypical positioning.
    With its century-old aromatic expertise, NOIROT now provides real added value for ANTESITE and has made an impact on the alcohol and alcohol-free markets with a wide range of products, flavours and fragrances. Producing aromatic wines, alcohol-free aperitifs and liqueur preparations, NOIROT is now a key creator in the sector.

    Discover its many qualities!