Alcohol abuse is dangerous for health

Knowing how to please

Preparation for liqueurs, a concentrate of history

Create your own tasting moments, a break with friends or simply time out from your routine.
Dilute the flavouring of your choice in an alcohol base and produce your own original “home-made” drink!
Invent completely natural cocktails from extracts of plants and fruits to enhance your evenings.
26 flavours, 26 moods to enjoy.
Each bottle corresponds to an Epicurean event to quench your thirst. Show off your true personality!
Express your temperament: Bitter almond and its delicate flavour, tropical banana reminiscent of holidays, blue lagoon surfing on seawaves, Alpine génépi and its mountain spirit, smooth apricot with a caramel bouquet, morello cherries in a ruby necklace, cheeky, fragranced Mirabelle plums from the Lorraine, and the list goes on…
Each flavour has its story, a moment of sharing and a moment of pleasure.
Create your own mood and launch a new trend!

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